Who am I?

I am William Ruhlig, Im a South African Indie game developer and artist.

I studied and worked as a Information/Graphic designer and do lots of Illustration, including some award winners. But ive decided to follow my passions and work instead on something Ive always wanted to be a part of. Games. Specifically those with a Scifi theme. The game im working on is a project of passion that has resided only in my head till now. I never thought id have the opportunity to create it. But rather than sit and dream about it I’ve decided to take the risk of time away from other work to dive right in and drag it into the real world. Photonwind is my little one man (and Dog) studio for this.

What Im working on is a game set on Mars, following a single character as they experience the ups and downs of isolation alone on a planet. I wanted to create something expansive but simple, but rooted in my passions and feelings. And I hope to deliver something that will allow other people to experience and imagine brave new worlds and exciting adventures. Im making something I hope will match AAA Games in visual quality. This takes time and lots of work!

If you are feeling generous and want to get involved in the process and have access to behind the scenes content and the earliest updates, consider becoming my Patron to help! Patrons will have early access to content and discord server roles and a thank you in the game credits! (and other perks too!) Come join in on streams and chats and see what im up to!

I Won Meet MAT 2!

My "Polar CliMATe Scientist" entry won the grand prize in the Substance Painter Meet Mat 2 Texturing Contest! There were some truly amazing entries into this contest and I am incredibly proud and thankful to have been selected for first place! Thank you to the Substance team and all their wonderful sponsors in this contest!


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