About Photonwind

Who am I?

I am William Ruhlig, Im a South African Indie game developer. I studied and worked as a Information/Graphic designer and do lots of Illustrations including some award winners. But my passion has always resided in Sci-fi epics, something Ive always wanted to be a part of. This game is a project of passion that has resided in my head till now. I never thought id have the opportunity to create it. But rather than sit and dream about it I’ve decided to take the risk of time away from other work to dive right in and drag it into the real world. Photonwind is my little one man studio for this. 

I wanted to create something expansive but simple, my experience with user interfaces and clean design should give an edge in this. And I hope to deliver something that will allow other people to experience and imagine brave new worlds and exciting adventures.

Follow my adventures, or contact me on twitter (@photonwind) and facebook (photonwind)